Thursday, March 19, 2009

RPGirl Zine

To carry on the goal of creating a dialogue among women gamers about their experiences and their play, we are publishing the RPGirl zine, in the summer of 2009. It will include essays on projects women are doing: teaching role playing games at a high school, a not-for-profit foundation promoting the publication of educational games for children and youth. On experiences from play: playing across gender, and a survey on the appeal LARP holds for women. Game-day friendly recipes from the author of a a best-selling vegan cookbook. And Community Pages, with announcements about conventions and upcoming games, and professional listings of creative services available from women writers, editor, designers and artists in the industry.

We'd love to hear from you! For more information email Emily at emilycare-at-gmail.

RPG = Role Playing Girl 2009 Mission

From the RPG = Role Playing Girl book blog:

Meguey wrote:
Role-playing, as a hobby with books and tools and industry support, has been around my whole life. I got my first taste of organized pretend and written down characters at age 7, when I made my first D&D character. I've always played in groups of girls and boys, men and women. To me, the notion that women are a minority in the world of role-playing was an odd one, but I look around me now, and it's pretty clear. The top names and top games are made by and marketed to, primarily, men. Here's the weird bit, though: I keep finding more and more and more women gamers.

It seems like a natural progression, to us. Women gamers talk, play games, design games, hang out together, sell games, discuss games, think about being women in a strongly male hobby - and write about it.

The RPG = Role Playing Girl project was born on a hot August afternoon. We've got a lot to say about being women who happen to game, and we'd like to hear from you, too. Our current focus is table-top face-to-face, but writing about LARP and on-line and other forms of rpgs is more than welcome. We're looking for short essays, 500-2500 words in length, about your personal experience as a woman gamer. Deadline for submissions is APRIL 30, 2009. Topics might be, or be inspired by:

How it Began
My Character, My Self
No Girls Allowed
Woman in a Man's Game
Power through Pretend
What's Happening Now
You Can Do It, Too

You're a woman who plays role-playing games, right? So what's up with that? What's your story? Send it in, and let the world know.