Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gioco da Ragazze

RPGirl goes Italian!

This year a new trail is being blazed by the RPG = Role Playing Girl Zine crew. Giulia Barbano and Paola Guarneri of the Italian game publishing group, Janus Design, are picking up the baton. Their publication, Gioco da Ragazze (Role Playing Girl in Italian), will be published in 2011, in an Italian language version. Articles are being solicited that from Italian rpg designers, gamers, writers, organizers, and artists and all involved in the hobby and industry.

This is exciting beyond belief! Giulia and Paola are skilled graphic designers, having contributed to the look of 2011 in layout design and logo (Paola made the unicorn-R). And they are full of passion and insight about the work women are doing in the world of RPG.

Some articles from past RPGirls will be in Gioco da Ragazze, translated into Italian. Let the cultural exchange continue!