Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Community Pages

In the RPGirl zine, we will have a Community Pages areas. There we'll list upcoming projects by women in the role playing world, as well as ongoing forums and resources they are a part of, and professional services they provide, such as art, editing, writing and so on. The Community Pages are place to spotlight work going on, and create a space for professional networking.

Here is information about the various listings:

Research Projects
New Releases
Professional Services

Format for submissions, with examples.

For Events, Research Projects, and New Releases:
Title: RPGirl Zine Summer 2009
Description: A zine about women in gaming, by women in gaming. Articles, essays, recipes and community listings about events, resources, upcoming projects and publications by women, and networking for editors, artists and other role playing game professionals.
Dates: Available August 2009
Contact: Emily Boss, emilycare - at - gm@il

For Forums, and Blogs:
Title: RPGirl Zine Blog
Description: Get involved with the RPGirl Zine project! Women gamers are here to stay, and are making themselves heard in the summer of 2009, through a zine. We'll talk about the games we love, educational projects we are working on and struggle with some big issues in the hobby that we hold dear. News about resources, forums, events and upcoming releases by, for and about women in rpg. Network with women who can help you in your projects too.
Contact: Emily Boss, emilycare - at - gm@il

For Professional Services:
Professional and Company Name:Emily Care Boss, Black and Green Games
Background: Independent role playing game designer. Experience with writing, editing and layout. Published Three Quick Games about the Human Heart, Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin. Soon to release Sign in Stranger.
Contact information: emilycare - at - gm@il

To be listed, please email Emily at emilycare - at - gm@il.