Monday, July 20, 2009

RPGirl at GenCon Indy 2009

RPGirl is coming together! We've got our articles and Community Pages completed, and now have a new section: Profiles of Women in Gaming, with information about 20+ women writers, editors, publishers and founders of companies in the role playing industry.

Our Articles:
  • I'm Your Man, by Jenni Dowsett
  • The Girls in the Group, by Meguey Baker
  • Designing Women, by Jennifer Schoonover
  • The Female Mongoose, by Charlotte Law
  • Indie Publishing Smurfette No More, by Emily Boss

RPGirl will be at Pirate Jenny, a booth full of women game designers and their cohorts. If you're at GenCon this year, come visit us at Booth 2023!


  1. It will be available afterward for us poor souls who will not be able to make it to GenCon, yes?

    -Rob D.

  2. Hm, a short description of what each article is about, like a paragraph?

  3. To second Rob's question, how can we get a copy if not at GenCon? PDF?